Saturday, April 30, 2011

When Seventeen Magazine Came to My High School and Put ME on The Cover !

Greg Jones, National Director,
Blacks4Barack Org.

I haven't seen this in decades but someone told me of the web site from a young lady named Susan who had posted this. Although a seriously change of our normal pace, as a way to preserve it and to show my daughter, granddaughter and others, I took the liberty of re-posting Susan's full page here for all to see. Part of the good old (and crazy) days at Cleveland Hts. High. Click on the pics to enlarge and see if you can find me. Hint: Think Big 'Fro. And that fake mustache was a trip !


By Susan: Back in 1975, Seventeen headed to my high school in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. They did a profile of the school, where 2,900 students of widely varying ethnic backgrounds were a barometer of prevailing student temperament at that time. They concentrated on the senior class. And since I was only a junior at the time, my fellow classmates and I had to watch from the sidelines as this remarkable profile of our school was created.


In Seventeen's extensive article, they wrote about how Cleveland Heights High School's seniors "related to a country gripped by run-away inflation, mounting unemployment, low public morale, uncertain moral guideposts and discredited national leadership." Hmm, sound familiar?

The article also covered clothing trends of the time. (After all, it is a fashion magazine.) In these pages, you'll see some Farrah Fawcett hairdos, platform shoes, bell bottoms and more. They even shot a couple of spreads of makeovers --- for guys, too! And every model in every photo was a senior at my school.










In the spring of 1975, these young, fresh-faced seniors walked out the front doors and across the courtyard of Cleveland Heights High for their final time, ready to make their mark on the world. I do hope they have all led happy, healthy and productive lives.


Thanks Susan.
This was certainly fun to see.